The Phantom of Venice Beach - Synopsis

By Drew Rosen

WGA registered: 1810424


Set as a 1970’s psychedelic reimagining of The Phantom of The Opera, a jaded and brooding Jim Morrison (Phantom Jim) haunts the Venice Pier Theatre in Venice Beach, California.  Phantom Jim plots to ensnare the singer Janis Joplin and prove his value as a great poet/writer, by having his work performed at the theatre. The world must recognize him as the great writer/poet/artist he truly is!


In a candlelit Paris bathroom, a drugged Jim Morrison is drunkenly bathing and mumbling about the world not appreciating his true work: poetry.  A groupie, a dead ringer for Jim himself, comes in, and at the site of Jim’s ‘manliness’, the groupie slips and falls onto a prop sword, knocking down candles in the process. Since Jim has been storing his rock band’s pyrotechnics in the bathroom, a massive fire ensues.


We pick up at the Venice Pier Theatre in Venice Beach, circa 1972.  Two men, Syd Barrett and Dennis Hopper, are discussing a serious situation over an injured, bandaged man.  Having given the wounded Jim Morrison the potent hallucinogen that caused his groupies death along with his disfiguring, they decide to keep his status a secret… Where would you possibly hide an injured Jim Morrison? Venice Beach.


Cast members of the once proud, but now tattered, Venice Pier Rock Opera Theatre have gathered to bemoan the potential loss of their performance space.  As the artists and theatre workers attempt to get approval from the new investors to save the theatre, they begin rehearsals for the gala “Hair.”  The retiring owner has sold the theatre to Jimi Hendrix, who has hired new managers Firmin and Andre.  Among the cast of hippie musicians are a Young Madonna, Neil Diamond and Janis Joplin.  Ms. Giry, the ballet mistress, is another key player who gives orders to the cast and seems to have ‘a thing’ for the phantom.  Phantom Jim’s eerie presence, though not seen, can be felt by everyone.


For the first production, ghostly production mishaps force Janis Joplin to replace an upset Young Madonna, causing a rift amongst the theatre group. As theatre owner Jimi Hendrix rekindles his love for childhood love Janis, the new theatre managers must plot and plan to defeat the haunting of a fiercely intense Phantom Jim… The Phantom of Venice Beach!


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